Bloody Violent History

Cavalry Charge

Episode Summary

Sharpen your sabre and dust off your jodhpurs, Jamie and Tom discuss the Cavalry Charge, its enduring glamour, but more importantly its effectiveness in war

Episode Notes

The cavalry charge throughout history is synonymous with both pluck and daring and with catastrophic failure and defeat.  Its advantages of speed and power have too often been squandered by commanders who have failed to use its potential or appreciate its flaws.  Whether Crusaders or Napoleon’s cuirassiers, the result has been a battlefield littered with dead men and horses. 

Yet occasionally there is triumph: the Charge of the Heavy Brigade in Crimea, the famous action by the 21stLancers at Omdurman, the elan and spirit of the Deccan Horse at High Wood during the Great War.

Even today, in conflicts such as Afghanistan, horse and rider have their use.  They provide speed and flexibility over rough and inhospitable terrain.  On many occasions, the horsemen of the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan outmanoeuvred their Taliban opponents and quickly seized the initiative.  This is their story.

So it Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson


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