Bloody Violent History

Andrew Roberts - Leadership in War, #1 of 100 Bloody Interviews

Episode Summary

The first of our 100 Bloody Interviews, with the renowned historian, Andrew Roberts

Episode Notes

Tom interviews the historian Professor Andrew Roberts.  We discuss the importance of history, his books including his latest work, Leadership in War, and his critically acclaimed biography of Winston Churchill, Walking with Destiny, and what history might inform us about the future.  The very essence of this BVH podcast.

So it Goes

Tom Assheton & James Jackson


Prof. Andrew Roberts

Waterloo Uncovered   Mark Evans

Roberts, Andrew, Leadership in War

Keegan, John, The Face of Battle

Re. Covid 19.  Sir Winston Churchill, Speech to the Royal College of Physicians, 2 March 1944:

“The discoveries of healing science must be the inheritance of all. That is clear. Disease must be attacked, whether it occurs in the poorest or the richest man or woman, simply on the ground that it is the enemy; and it must be attacked just in the same way as the fire brigade will give its full assistance to the humblest cottage as readily as to the most important mansion.”


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